Did you used to feel excited for and look forward to that special time with your partner (or yourself), but have lost that feeling?

You're not alone. Many women and cycling people start to lose their drive over time for a myriad of reasons.

This doesn't have to be your truth for forever, though! There's lots of ways to bring sexy back, which we'll cover during this special 45-minute workshop.

During this workshop, you'll learn:

  • How stress impacts your sex drive, and how to start changing that ASAP
  • Which hormones play the biggest role in your sex drive, how they change over your cycle, and over time
  • Food and supplements that naturally support an increased libido and act as aphrodisiacs
  • Lifestyle changes to help bring sexy back
  • Energetic practices that help you come back into your body

And these bonuses


Printable "Sexy Back" Worksheet


EFT session to get you into your body

"I listened to your workshop today and it was so great! You’re doing such amazing things, helping women heal themselves, and it’s inspiring to see you following and Sharing your PASSION ❤️ with the world." - Melissa G.


I know how important energy and vitality are.

It's one of the hardest things for women to feel like they are losing as they age.

Well, I'm here to let you know we DON'T have to lose either. With the right support for your body, you can keep your vitality going for the rest of your days!

So... are you ready to get this thing started?

So... are you ready to bring your sexy back?

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