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Have you been diagnosed with fibroids?

Confused on what to do next?

This presentation is going to get you up to speed on what fibroids are, the types, symptoms, causes, and possible treatments outside of surgery, as well as what the surgical options are for someone with a minor to severe case of fibroids. We cover:

Underlying causes of fibroids

How to approach working with fibroids through gut, liver, and adrenal health

Nutrients and other holistic therapies for fibroid growth

How xenoestrogens may play a major role in fibroids

Emotional and spiritual aspects of fibroids

Which tests and methods can help you to get fibroids under control


Informative and understandable

Karen Boardman

This course was filled to the brim with so much information in about an hour - without feeling overwhelming to the non-medical person. Christine’s demeanor and presentation skills made a complicated subject very easily understandable and relatable, providing numerous takeaways and next steps. Christine has extraordinary knowledge and personal experience helped me in ways that are too often missing from the health field. A must watch for any woman with fibroids!